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EthnoMed Contribution Pathways Program

Welcome/Program Overview

University of Washington students and faculty are invited to participate in an EthnoMed student author program called Contribution Pathways. UW students have the opportunity to engage in short-term collaborations with EthnoMed staff, community members, medical interpreters, cultural mediators and/or care providers to explore health and culture-related issues for publication on the EthnoMed website.  Students range from undergraduates to medical professionals seeking graduate degrees.  Some students fulfill course requirements such as practicum or service learning, while others volunteer.

Faculty and health care providers have the opportunity to request a Pathways student to assist with their new or ongoing projects related to immigrant health and culture.  The  student could then share “clinical pearls” from the project on EthnoMed.  Faculty with new ideas for EthnoMed content are invited to contact us about mentoring a student or contributing content directly to the website.  For projects already identified by our EthnoMed team, we are looking for faculty with expertise in the area of refugee and immigrant health to be mentors to student authors.

For more information see: EthnoMed Contribution Pathways (PPT) Presentation


In 2006, EthnoMed received a grant from the National Library of Medicine to update the content management technology -  the programming underpinnings - of the website.  In addition, the grant allowed EthnoMed to hire a dedicated coordinator to pilot a student author program to:

• Expand EthnoMed content through student authors' contributions.

• Mine the wealth of talent & enthusiasm of UW students.

• Develop ongoing, collaborative relationships with UW faculty and students.

• Facilitate learning opportunities for students with immigrant communities and health care partners.

• Increase cultural competency in students entering health and human services fields.

Example Projects

To date, the Contribution Pathways pilot project has more than two dozen student projects completed or underway, involving individuals and teams from various academic departments and disciplines. The following are examples of Pathways projects completed with new content published:

To see full lists of projects completed or in progress, read more...

Helpful Information for Contributors

For more information about Contribution Pathways UW student and faculty-related inquiries, please contact Yetta Levine,, (206) 744-9087

For other inquiries, please contact EthnoMed.

Note from our librarian:

The publication industry is in flux, moving to online and contract.  There are fewer academic publishers, fewer who are willing to publish books.  Governments are requiring free access to materials resulting from research they funded.  With reduced budgets, many academic libraries will be making major cuts to journal subscriptions.  EthnoMed is model of a way information can be published and shared.  Essentially, it is an electronic book and serves as a peer reviewed publication platform for UW faculty, staff and students.