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Domestic Violence: Clinical Topics

Information to help inform clinicians working with domestic violence, particularly around issues of culture and/or religion.

Articles on EthnoMed

Religious teachings or cultural beliefs can serve as either a resource or a roadblock in addressing issues of domestic violence. Below are articles or websites that provide resources on this topic.


Related Websites

Peaceful Families Projects
A national organization devoted to ending domestic violence in Muslim families by facilitating awareness workshops for Muslim leaders and communities, providing cultural sensitivity trainings for professionals, conducting research, and developing resource materials.

FaithTrust Institute
A national, multifaith organization working to end sexual and domestic violence, providing communities and advocates with the tools and knowledge to address the religious and cultural issues related to abuse. They work with many communities, including Asian and Pacific Islander, Buddhist, Jewish, Latino/a, Muslim, Black, Anglo, Indigenous, Protestant and Roman Catholic.

Looking Beyond Hypermasculinity to Address Domestic Violence in Communities of Color
This article from Pepperdine University explores the dynamics of intimate partner violence (IPV) within communities of color. Discussed are misconceptions about race and ethnicity, cultural competence, and the importance of educating boys and men about domestic violence.