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Medical Examiner Dialogue - Vietnamese Buddhist

Author(s): Christine Wilson Owens
Contributor(s): Kim Lundgreen, CCM
Date Authored: June 01, 2002
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Some general information about death and dying from a Vietnamese Buddhist perspective.

The following topic selections relate paraphrased notes from a recording of a 1-hour meeting held on October 24, 2001 facilitated by Bria Chakofsky-Lewy, the Coordinator of the Community House Calls program, with Kim Lundgreen, HMC's Vietnamese Caseworker Cultural Mediator (CCM); Rev. Kekanadare Dhammasiri, a Buddhist Monk from the HMC Chaplaincy Training Program; and, Richard Harruff, Chief Medical Examiner Public Health Seattle & King County. Other attendees included ME administrative staff, a radiologist, a pathologist, and a Seattle police officer. The meeting was recorded by Christine Wilson Owens, Program Coordinator for the Refugee Community Health Program and EthnoMed Staffperson, Interpreter Services, HMC. This summary has been proofread by Kim Lundgreen, Kekanadare Dhammasiri, Hue Thai and Bria Chakofsky-Lewy. Vietnamese Buddhist Monk, Ven. T. T. Thich Nguyen An offered additional commentary on some topics.