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Medical Examiner Dialogue - Somali

Author(s): Christine Wilson Owens
Reviewer(s): Mohamed Ali Roble
Date Authored: August 01, 2001
Date Last Reviewed: April 01, 2008
Information about the cultural and religious norms associated with death and dying among Somalis.

The following are notes from a meeting held August, 2001 with the Supervisor and the Somali Cultural Caseworker Mediator (CCM), of the Community House Calls Program at the King County Medical Examiners office at Harborview Medical Center. This information was reviewed March 2008 and some additional clarifying information was added.

Note: It is considered appropriate and necessary that the Medical Examiners and representatives of the elder and religious Somali community in Seattle meet to further develop a working plan for times of death (including plans for washing a body in a location other than the Medical Examiner's office, autopsy protocol, community contacts, etc.)