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You are here: Home Clinical Topics Mental Health Saving Face: Recognizing and Managing the Stigma of Mental Illness in Asian Americans - video

Saving Face: Recognizing and Managing the Stigma of Mental Illness in Asian Americans - video

Author(s): Elizabeth J. Kramer, Sc.M., New York University; Francis G. Lu, M.D., University of California, Davis
Date Authored: January 01, 2008

68 minute training video that is targeted to physicians, psychiatry residents, medical students, social work students and practicing social workers, clinical and counseling psychologists, nurses and case managers. View the video by clicking the play icon (it may take some time to load, depending on the speed of your internet connection). You can also view in full screen by clicking the icon at the bottom right corner of the video player, once the video has loaded. The overarching goal of the video is to demonstrate a culturally competent approach to addressing the stigma of mental illness in Asian-American patients. The video is comprised of three interviews of Asian-American simulated patients, from three major sub-ethnic groups of Asian Americans living in the United States, and ethnically matched psychiatrists in therapy sessions. The objectives of these scenarios are to demonstrate how Asian-American patients present their stigma, and how skilled clinicians manage it. The Indian-American patient scenario begins at 3 minutes 40 seconds into the video. The Vietnamese-American scenario begins at 25 minutes 37 seconds. The Filipino-American scenario begins at 49 minutes 44 seconds. See links to Facilitator's Guide and DVD Order Form below video.

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