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More About Ethiopian Food: Teff

Author(s): Doris Piccinin, M.S. R.D., Department of Nutrition and Food Service
Contributor(s): Tsegazeab Woldetatios, PhD, Agronomy, Medical Interpreter at Harborview Medical Center
Date Last Reviewed: December 14, 2010
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Information about Teff, a staple in the Ehiopian and Eritrean diet, and some of the nutritional benefits, and health implications.

September 2009:  This article was revised with updated links by Ellen Howard, MLS, Univ of Washington.  June 2010: Additional edits were made to the  information about teff grown in the US, and images added, contributed by Wayne Carlson, teff producer.  July 2010: Edits were made to the section on teff in Seattle based on more current information gathered for another EthnoMed article: Diabetes in the Eritrean and Ethiopian Community: Cultural Information and Recommendations for Diabetes Educators.