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Peripartum/Perinatal Care


Information about issues around childbirth for both mother and baby.

Somali Health Board Perinatal Youtube video
This is a short video produced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on behalf of the Somali Health Board (SHB- Seattle), promoting the work done by SHB Perinatal Committee. SHB partnered with Columbia Public Health, UW Medicine and Seattle King County Public Health to advocate and promote Centering Pregnancy culturally specific for Somali women throughout King County.
Somali Perinatal Preference: A Summary for Providers
2 page PDF. Summary information gleaned from focus group discussions with Somali women, includes recommendations for OB providers about Somali women's preferences for education and approaches to care during prenatal period and labor/delivery.
Cambodian Postpartum Practices
Article about postpartum traditions in Cambodian culture.
Perinatal Profile for Patients from Somalia
Information to help providers become familiar with the cultural values and historical experiences of women from Somalia and their families, as it pertains to obstetrical outcomes and providing culturally appropriate care.
Peripartum and Infant Care Issues and Practices among Refugee Groups in Seattle
Some traditional practices around pregnancy and infant care in Southeast Asian and East African groups in Seattle.
Post-partum Practices among Vietnamese and Chinese Patients brochure
A 2 page brochure format about the post-partum practice of a "sitting month" among Vietnamese and Chinese patients.
Postpartum Practices among Chinese and Vietnamese Women poster
A 1 page poster, PDF, about a research project on the traditional practice of "sitting month".
Cambodian Perinatal Culture-Bound Syndromes: Providing Care to Cambodian Women with Toas
Information about postpartum period sor sai kchey, which alludes to a period of fragile health lasting from one to three months after childbirth during which many traditional postpartum practices are followed. There are strong beliefs about the importance of adhering to these practices and that failure to do so may lead to chronic symptoms called toas that can be temporary or lifelong.
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