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Tuberculosis Clinical Topics

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Information about cultural aspects of TB to help inform clinical practice.

Clinician Resources on TB

Targeted information for clinicians about treating tuberculosis, specifically in immigrant populations.

Primary Care Tools for the Management of TB in the Foreign Born
A clinician's tool to navigate the issues related to Tuberculosis
Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of Tuberculosis Screening and Management for Refugees and Immigrants
The text of a talk given at the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Conference in 1996 on the cultural aspects of TB Screening.
Stamping out TB: A community-based outreach worker model for TB prevention
A slideshow with information about a community based outreach worker model and program in 3 refugee communities in Seattle and King County in 1999-2001. The program was coordinated by the S-KC Health Department TB Control Program & Harborview Medical Center, modeled after Harborview's Community House Calls program, and supported by a combination of funding from WA state DSHS, federal and foundation grants.
Tuberculosis in the United States - 2016 Highlights
PowerPoint slide show (36 slides)of National Surveillance System Highlights from 2016 - from the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Tuberculosis in the United States.

TB Cultural Profiles

Ethnic group-specific brief articles on cross-cultural and linguistic issues in tuberculosis

Cambodian Tuberculosis Cultural Profile
Some cultural information about tuberculosis in Cambodian community.
Ethiopian Tuberculosis Cultural Profile
Information describing beliefs and practices relating to tuberculosis among Ethiopian immigrants living in Seattle, WA.
Oromo Tuberculosis Cultural Profile
Information describing beliefs and practices relating to tuberculosis among Oromo immigrants living in Seattle, WA.
Somali Tuberculosis Cultural Profile
Information describing beliefs and practices relating to tuberculosis among Somali immigrants.
Vietnamese Tuberculosis Cultural Profile
A brief article describing beliefs and practices relating to tuberculosis among Vietnamese living in the US.

CDC Resources

Links to Centers for Disease Control "Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis".

Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis (2013)

This is the 6th edition (2013) of the Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis: What the Clinician Should Know. This can be used as a self-study guide or reference manual for clinicians and public health professionals.

Link to Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis

You may also link to a specfic chapter:


Clinical Practice Guidelines:  Treatment of Drug-Susceptible Tuberculosis
The newly released guidelines (2016) provide recommendations on the clinical and public health management of tuberculosis (TB) in children and adults in well-resourced settings.  These guidelines developed by the American Thoracic Society (ATS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and endorsed by the European Respiratory Society and the U.S. National Tuberculosis Controllers Association.

Find TB Resources
CDC's "Find TB Resources" connects you to a worldwide library of online resources, training, and educational materials. The website is a service of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Tuberculosis Elimination (DTBE).

Clinical Pearls on TB

Brief articles for clinicians about TB and cross cultural care.

Clinical Pearl: The Stigma of TB
A short clinical pearl about stigma associated with TB which has obvious consequences for health care providers.
Clinical Pearl: Compliance with INH Prophylaxis for Tuberculosis
A short clinical pearl about the importance of differentiating between medical practices in the United States and in developing countries in treatment of TB.

Related TB Websites

The Minnesota Department of Health has information for providers including:

TB Education and Training
    TB training for health care professionals

Refugee Health Provider Resources
    A collection of resources for providers working with refugee populations including TB
Curry International Tuberculosis Center

The Curry International Tuberculosis Center (CITC) creates, enhances and disseminates state-of-the-art resources and models of excellence and performs research to control and eliminate tuberculosis in the United States and internationally.


Global Health TB Articles

Articles about TB relating to broader global health issues.

Guest Editorial by Dr. Elinor A. Graham, appearing in "The Seattle Times"

Seattle Times Guest Column: Fighting TB around the world saves lives and is a good US investment