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Pulmonary TB: Primary Care Tools for the Management of TB

Author(s): J. Carey Jackson, MD; David Roesel, MD

Main TB Headings:

Used with permission from Tuberculosis Consultant Services, Hans L. Rieder.


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Pulmonary TB: Chest Radiography and Interpretation

The following slides are the work of Dr. Lisa Chen and Dr. Michael Gotway, University of California, SF,  and a product of the Francis J. Curry National TB Center. 


Curry International Tuberculosis Center's TB Radiology Resource Page

Curry International Tuberculosis Center (CITC) has launched their TB Radiology Resource Page containing links to CITC's 2009 edition of Radiographic Manifestations of Tuberculosis: A Primer for Clinicians (hard copy and online versions) as well as their newest product, Basic Chest Radiology for the TB Clinician. This online self-study presentation provides learners with an introduction to TB radiology through CITC's Medical Director, Lisa Chen MD, presenting the basics of how to read chest radiographs. This presentation covers basic anatomy, disease patterns, and TB-specific radiographic presentations. Learners can follow the presentation by listening or reading along at their own pace. A companion document, Basic Chest Radiology for the TB Clinician Presentation Materials, consists of an animated teaching slide-set which covers the same material in a downloadable format that you can use to present your own radiology seminar. The teaching notes are more detailed than in the self-study version and help prepare the presenter with background information for training as well as offering interactive teaching suggestions and slide-show animation cues.