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Immigration and Citizenship Information for Providers

Resources for Medical Providers on Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions

Information Guide: Assisting Refugees in Applying for Disability Exceptions for US Citizenship.  Resource from the National Partnership of Community Training (NPCT) 

N-648 Medical Certification for CIS Disability Waivers: Helping Doctors Get It Done        

  • What is an N-648 and why do I have to do it?
  • Why do many immigrants need to become U.S. citizens in order to continue receiving needed benefit?
  • Who is eligible for a disability waiver?
  • Suggestions and examples regarding the completion of the N-648 form, with a link to the current forms
  • Special circumstances:
    • Can an elderly applicant qualify for an N-648 on the basis of old age alone?
    • What if my patient is illiterate in his/her native language?
    • Can an applicant qualify for an N-648 on the basis of a physical disability?
    • What about effects of medication?
    • What is an oath waiver? When does an oath waiver need to be complete

Codes To Be Considered When Completing The Form

DSM-5 Diagnostic Codes and ICD-10 Codes Useful in Completing the USCIS Form N-648

Glossaries of Terms Used

Refugees & Immigrants: Useful Terms & Concepts By David Roesel, MD

Useful Terms Related to Refugee Health By Association of Refugee Health Coordinators. 

Helpful Links