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Hispanic/Latino Homepage


We recognize that EthnoMed provides limited information about the culture and health issues pertaining to Hispanic/Latino communities, the largest immigrant population in the United States, and an ethnic grouping that is racially and culturally very diverse, .  In order to avoid duplicating efforts in producing new materials, and to focus our limited resources on smaller immigrant populations for whom there is more limited information available, we recommend links to external websites to access quality information for/about Hispanic/Latino cultures and health issues.  See Related Websites sections below. 

Mexican Cultural Profile
EthnoMed provides information about Mexican history, culture and community with emphasis on health related issues.

Patient Education Materials: Spanish
EthnoMed maintains a small collection of health education materials in Spanish with English included or available separately.  For additional sources of Spanish language health information, see below.

Hispanic/Latino Clinical Topics
Articles and information on EthnoMed about health care topics related to Hispanic/Latino cultures. 


Related Websites

Related Websites: Spanish Language Health Information Online