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Nepali-speaking Bhutanese (Lhotsampa) Cultural Profile

Author(s): Maya Maxym, MD, PhD
Reviewer(s): Pradeepta Upadhyay; Mitra Dhital
Date Authored: March 01, 2010
Information about the history, culture and community of the Lhotsampa people, Bhutanese citizens of Nepali origin, many of whom are refugees. Emphasis on health related issues.

The author interviewed approximately 12 recently arrived Nepali-speaking Bhutanese refugees in the Seattle area.  Topics discussed included experience with traditional and Western medicine in Bhutan, in the refugee camps in Nepal, and in the USA, as well as common cultural beliefs and practices, particularly as they affect attitudes toward health, health care, and medical providers.  Additional and background information was obtained from the websites of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the Center for Applied Linguistics, as well as the official government website of the Kingdom of Bhutan.