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Listing of patient education materials in Amharic language.

Abdominal Ultrasound Information - Amharic
A 1 page instruction sheet about preparing for abdominal ultrasound.
Biopsy - Amharic
2 page PDF Information about biopsy procedures.
Biopsy - Amharic video slideshow
5 minutes 41 seconds Flash video slideshow about biopsy procedures.
Breast Biopsy - Amharic
2-page PDF; Description of breast biopsy; Amharic.
Breast Cancer Glossary and Technical Terms - Amharic
Technical terms and definitions related to breast cancer. 4-pages PDF, Amharic.
Breast Cancer Surgery - Amharic
Description of mastectomy, lumpectomy and potential side effects following these surgeries.
Breast Cancer: Hormones - Amharic
Definition of hormones, hormone receptors and therapy in relation to breast cancer.
Cancer Chemotherapy - Amharic
1 page PDF Information about chemotherapy treatment and side effects.
Cancer Chemotherapy - Amharic video slideshow
2 minute 52 seconds Flash narrated video slideshow. Information about chemotherapy treatment and side effects.
Chemotherapy Side Effects - Amharic
Description of potential side effects caused by chemotherapy treatment, including hair loss, fatigue, nausea, and changes in taste/smell. Includes eating tips to reduce nausea and vomiting. 5-pages PDF - Amharic
CT Scan Instructions - Amharic
Instruction sheet in Amharic on preparing for CT scan
Diabetes Calendar 2019 - Amharic/English
14-page PDF. Thirteen-month calendar with photos and information in Amharic and English about healthy eating and diabetes. Print on both sides of paper (flip paper on long edge) and fold to make calendar.
Diabetes Daily Foot Check - Amharic/English
Tips for people with diabetes about checking their feet on a daily basis. 1page PDF Amharic and English
Diabetes Foot Care - Amharic/English
Tips for people with diabetes about how to care for their feet. 1 page PDF Amharic and English
Diabetes Meal Plan Basics - Amharic/English
A visual portrayal of planning a healthy meal for people with diabetes, including recommended foods and portions. Amharic and English, 2 pages, PDF.
Emergency and Earthquake Planning videos
Seattle Channel presents videos about what every citizen should know and how to equip and safeguard your home for an Emergency. The "Personal and Family Preparedness" video has been created to help Seattle residents prepare for disasters, available in the following languages: Amharic, Cambodian (Khmer), Cantonese, Oromo, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Tigrinya, Vietnamese.
Excretory Urogram (I.V.P.) Instructions - Amharic
Information for patients scheduled for Excretory Urogram (I.V.P.)
Exercise and Diabetes - Amharic/English
Amharic and English language patient education handout about exercises for diabetics. 2-page PDF
General Overview: Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment - Amharic
2 page introductory explanation of screening and diagnostic tests for breast cancer, as well as basic information about common treatments. Amharic language.
Get Help With Quitting Smoking - Amharic/English
2 pages PDF handout in Amharic and English with information about quitlines - what a quitline is and contact information for different language lines. Handout is geared to cancer survivors, but contains information useful to a general audience.
Heart Failure - Amharic/English
Basic information about heart failure: what it means, what causes it, how does it feel, how can I help myself and when should I call my doctor.
Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington (HBCW)
Formerly known as the WA State Asian Pacific Islander (API) Hepatitis B Task Force, HBCW has worked to bring hepatitis B awareness and education to the API community since 1997, and has since expanded work to other populations from high risk regions. Work includes exploration into culturally appropriate and effective strategies to reaching the families and household members of positive individuals, and promoting understanding of the liver disease, including testing, immunizations, and treatment for hepatitis B. HBCW is a network of health care professionals and community volunteers, health departments, community clinics, and nonprofit organizations.
HIV/AIDS in the Ethiopian Community - Amharic video with English summary
Ethio Youth Media TV Interview produced to create awareness and reduce stigma surrounding HIV in the Ethiopian community. Video (24 min 49 sec) in Amharic with content summary in English.
How Do You Know You Are Having A Heart Attack? - Amharic
2-page PDF tri-fold brochure with visual and written information about heart attack symptoms, emergency response and prevention. In Amharic. Developed in partnership with King County EMS's Vulnerable Populations Strategic Initiative.
How Foods Affect Blood Sugar: A Guide for Ethiopian and Eritrean Patients with Diabetes - Amharic/English
PDF (129 slides) This presentation is intended to be used by clinicians during discussion with patients about carbohydrates and blood glucose. It is culturally tailored to reflect foods commonly consumed by Ethiopian and Eritrean Americans and includes photos of foods, meal comparisons, and portion sizes.
Information About Dyspepsia - Amharic
2 page PDF Information in Amharic about dyspepsia, including explanation of cause, diagnosis and treatment.
Information about Hypertension - Amharic
2 page PDF Information in Amharic about hypertension, including explanation of symptoms, cause and treatment (with analogy encouraging medication maintenance).
It Makes Your Eye Yellow Then You Get Better? There is More to Hepatitis B - Amharic
14-page PDF Education about hepatitis B tailored for patients from Ethiopia, presented in a photo novela style pamphlet. Amharic language (English available separately)
Lymph Nodes and Breast Cancer - Amharic
Explanation of what lymph nodes are, including what is meant by "node-positive" and "node-negative", lymph node biopsy and sentinel lymph node surgery. 2-pages PDF.
Mammogram Instructions - Amharic
Information for patients scheduled for a mammogram
Margins - Amharic
Explanation of margins or resection, including definition of positive, negative and close margins.
Medication Safety Video - Amharic
4 minutes 35 seconds video in Amharic language about safe use of medications. Taken from a longer video created for Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, this segment illustrates five important points patients need to know about safe medication use: 1) Do not share medications; 2) use one pharmacy; 3) keep medications in their original containers; 4) tell primary care provider what medications are and are not taken; and 5) tell about traditional or herbal medications that are being used.
Medications for the Treatment of TB - Amharic
A 3 page public health document (scanned) about the medications for TB
Nurse-to-Patient Communication - Amharic
PDF document, 3 pages, including Amharic language and English. Developed with nurses and interpreters to aid caregivers in communicating basic information to their patients.
Pelvic Ultrasound Instructions - Amharic/English
Information for patients scheduled for obstetrical or pelvic ultrasound
Portions to Eat to Control Your Diabetes - Amharic/English
Tips about estimating healthy food portions. (2 pages, PDF Document, Amharic/English)
Preventing Rickets in Breastfed Babies - Amharic
Information about preventing Rickets in breastfed babies, including signs of the condition and suggestions for getting sufficient Vitamin D.
Prostate Cancer - Amharic
1 page PDF introduction to prostate cancer and its symptoms.
Prostate Cancer - Amharic video slideshow
2 minutes 37 seconds Flash video slideshow introduction to prostate cancer and its symptoms.
Quitting Smoking Can Help You Recover From Cancer - Amharic/English
2 page PDF; Amharic and English handout describes 5 ways that quitting smoking can help in cancer recovery.
Sick Days and Diabetes - Amharic/English
Amharic and English language patient education handout about steps to control blood sugar on days you are feeling sick. 2-page PDF
Stool Sample Collection - Amharic/English
Instructions for collecting a stool sample. Includes a note explaining that there are many different kinds of medical tests requiring different kinds of preparation, encouraging patients to talk to their doctors about the test preparation that is right for them.
Stroke Symptoms FAST Cards - Amharic/English
PDF (2 pages) Images and text conveying symptoms of stroke with encouragement to call 911, formatted for printing small 2-sided cards (Amharic and English)
Stroke Symptoms FAST Poster - Amharic/English
PDF (2 pages) Images and text conveying symptoms of stroke with encouragement to call 911. (Amharic and English)
Surgeries for Breast Cancer - Amharic
1 page PDF handout describing lumpectomy, mastectomy and breast reconstruction procedures.
Surgeries for Breast Cancer - Amharic video slideshow
4 minutes 13 seconds Flash video slideshow describing lumpectomy, mastectomy and breast reconstruction procedures.
Survivor Statement - Amharic/English
1 page PDF, Amharic and English languages, brief message supported by a grant from the Lance Armstrong Foundation stating that it is possible to survive cancer, especially if caught early.
Swine Flu clinic video - Amharic
Harborview Medical Center has created videos narrated by medical interpreters, explaining what swine flu is, how to prevent spreading the virus, and what to do if you or a family member becomes ill and needs to see the doctor. These videos are approximately 5-7 minutes in length, and could be used in a clinic waiting room or public setting. To download the video file, click on the View Documentation link, or play the video below.
The Silent Killer - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention - Amharic video with English Summary
A conversation with Mrs. Aida Mengistu, Office of the Director, from Public Health- Seattle & King County, about carbon monoxide poisoning, symptoms of exposure and prevention. Video (24 min 49 sec) in Amharic produced at MMRTI studio on Monday February 9, 2015, with content summary in English.
Upper Gastrointestinal (U.G.I.) Instructions - Amharic
Information for patients scheduled for UGI procedure
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