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Where does blood go after it is drawn? - Spanish/English

Date Authored: December 01, 2003

Exámenes de Sangre
¿ Adónde se lleva la sangre después de que se la sacan?


Blood Tests
Where does blood go after it is drawn?

Si a usted le sacan sangre en varios tubos separados, estos tubos podrían llegar a diferentes laboratorios en el centro médico. En los laboratorios los tubos de su sangre se colocan en diferentes máquinas para ser examinados. La máquina hace el examen automáticamente. Después de haberle hecho el examen a su sangre, esta se guarda por una semana más, por si acaso el doctor desea ordenar exámenes adicionales. Después de pasada la semana el tubo con su sangre se tira en una unidad de “basura biológica”. Esta unidad guarda su sangre de forma segura, junto con otros tubos y recipientes, luego se sacan del centro médico. La sangre y los recipientes son incinerados.

If your blood is drawn separately into more than one container (tube), then it may arrive at different offices, or laboratories, in the medical center. Your blood is not directly touched by any person's bare hands after it is taken from your body. In the laboratories, the container of blood is put into a machine for testing. The machine automatically handles the blood in the manner that is needed for the test. When the test is completed, your blood is stored for at least one week in case your doctor needs to order additional testing on your blood. After one week, the container with your blood is disposed of in a specially designated “bio-disposal unit”. That unit securely keeps your blood, along with other disposed test containers, and is taken away from the medical facility. The blood and tubes are then incinerated.

Developed and translated by Community House Calls Program, Harborview Medical Center/Univ of WA, Seattle WA, for EthnoMed, December 2003.