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Multicultural Diabetes Materials

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Multicultural Diabetes Materials

The following materials were developed at Harborview Medical Center (Seattle, WA) for use in a Multicultural Diabetes Classes for patients and family members. The materials were translated into a number of languages and each PDF includes both target language and English. Several of the handouts have audio narration (about 3 min). Please see Multicultural Diabetes Project for additional information and other materials related to this project.

  Amharic Khmer English Oromo Somali Spanish Tigrinya Viet

Sick Days and Diabetes

Audio: Sick Days and Diabetes
Exercise and Diabetes
Audio: Exercise and Diabetes



Meal Planning Basics
Meal Portions

Diabetes: Foot Care


Diabetes: Daily Foot Check


Diabetes Information from the REACH Coalition

REACH is a public health effort funded by CDC to reduce diabetes health disparities experienced by communities of color.  They translated healthy meal planning information into several languages. This project is now over, but the meal planning pages are available in the following languages:

Chinese, Khmer, Korean, Filipino, Japanese, Samoan, Somali, and Vietnamese  

"Diabetes: Facing the Tiger" Video - Vietnamese

A project of “Diabetes Awareness and Education in the Community Program”, Harris County Hospital District and Asian American Health Coalition.  Funded by Texas Dept. Of Health and Texas Diabetes Council Produced by: VNN Television.  With permission, online video produced by EthnoMed with support from the National Library of Medicine.

View the video "Diabetes Facing the Tiger" in Vietnamese:










View the video script in English