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Immunization/Vaccine Patient Education Resources


Immunization and vaccine information particularly relevant to refugee and immigrant populations, including flu and swine flu resources.


Flu / Vaccine Resources

Patient education resources for flu relevant to multilingual and low literacy populations.

Flu Vaccine and LEP Patients
Links to websites with translated materials; talking points for providers speaking with patients who are reluctant to vaccinate; and summarized findings from focus groups Public Health-Seattle & King County held with local Somali community leaders to learn about their attitudes, beliefs and practices regarding vaccination.

Washington State has experienced a whooping cough (pertussis) epidemic.  Whooping cough spreads easily by coughing and sneezing and is a very serious illness for babies and children.  For more information about the current situation please visit the Washington State Department of Health or the Centers for Disease Control

Centers for Disease Control
CDC's page with flu information specific to different population groups, including racial and ethnic groups, and immigrants and refugees.

Is Your 11 to 18 year old Protected from Serious Diseases?

This resource about teen vaccines is from Public Health - Seattle & King County.  It is a 2 page brochure with information about Meningococcal Disease, Pertussis, and Human Papillomavirus and is available in the following languages: 
English, Amharic, Chinese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tigrigna, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

Plain Talk About Child Immunization - Currently available in English, Spanish and Russian

This 6th edition (2009, 54 pages, PDF) of "Plain Talk" provides parents with accurate information about immunizations and the diseases they prevent, benefits and risks and vaccine safety and effectiveness.  It also includes current updated statistics, and questions about delaying immunizations.

This edition was developed and edited by the following public and private organizations: Community Health Plan, Immunization Action Coalition of Washington (WithinReach), Public Health – Seattle & King County, Snohomish Health District, Washington State Department of Health.

Immunization Action Coalition

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) works to increase immunization rates and prevent disease by creating and distributing educational materials for health professionals and the public that enhance the delivery of safe and effective immunization services. They have Vaccine Information Statements in 40 languages.  See more information below.

Swine Flu

Patient education resources and links featuring low literacy or translated materials about swine flu.

In 2009 the outbreak of disease in people caused by a new influenza virus of swine origin (H1N1) became a pandemic globally.  In 2010, the World Health Organization declared an end to the pandemic, but expect that the H1N1 virus will continue to spread for years to come, like a regular seasonal influenza virus. The following resources were developed as a response to the 2009 outbreak.

Harborview Medical Center - Swine Flu Videos

Harborview Medical Center has created videos in the following languages narrated by medical interpreters at HMC. These videos are approximately 5-7 minutes in length, and could be used in a clinic waiting room or public setting.

Amharic     Mien    Spanish
Cantonese     Oromo    Tigrinya
Khmer     Russian    Vietnamese
Mandarin     Somali  


View the English text used in the videos.

Related Websites with Swine Flu Resources

  1. Centers for Disease Control has some of their information in a few major languages. 
  2. ECHO - in partnership with the Minnesota Dept. of Public Health  has created video, audio, print and other resources on H1N1 and Flu in multiple languages. These resources include basic H1N1 prevention information, vaccine information and other tips on keeping yourself and your family safe this flu season.
  3. Medline Plus
    Click on Health Topics to find H1N1 - to view languages, scroll down on topic page and they are listed in right column.
  4. Patient Education Institute
    The Patient Education Institute has updated its H1N1 Flu tutorial, illustrated handout, and video.  The materials are available in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.
  5. Refugee Health Information Network:
    CDC Health Advisory - Available in the following languages:
    Amharic | Arabic | Bosnian | Burmese | Chin | Croatian | English | Farsi | Hmong | Karen | Kirundi | Montenegrin | Pashto | Russian | Serbian | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese


Vaccine Information Statements

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) has Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) in many languages. Please visit the IAC website (see website link above) to see all the VISs and languages available. EthnoMed is featuring the following VISs in languages that have an audio component produced by the 24 Languages Project.

Polio Vaccine Information

The following languages were part of a project (24 Languages Project) that recorded an audio version of the CDC vaccine information on Polio vaccine. The Immunization Action Coalition site has the Polio Vaccine information translated into 29 languages, EthnoMed is only listing those that have an audio version.