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Medication Patient Education

Information to help patients become more knowledgeable about medications and medication safety.

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Medication Safety Video

A short video (3 - 5 min, depending on language) about safe use of medications. Taken from a longer video created for Harborview Medical Center in Seattle by Colleen Osterhaus, RN, MPH, this segment illustrates five important points patients need to know about safe medication use: 1) do not share medications; 2) use one pharmacy; 3) keep medications in their original containers; 4) tell primary care provider what medications are and are not taken; and 5) tell about traditional or herbal medications that are being used.

Amharic          Khmer (Cambodian)            English             Somali            Spanish              Vietnamese


  • To save and play these videos offline, here are Quick Time video files for download:
    Amharic    English     Khmer     Somali     Spanish    Vietnamese

    Quick Time Player is needed to view these videos offline, and you can download a free version of the Quick Time player here


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Healthy Roads Media has a number of medication topics in several languages, with audio/multimedia formats.

Topics include:   Antibiotics, Cancer Chemotherapy, Cough and Cold Medicines, Coumadin®/warfarin, Diabetes Medicines, Generic Drugs, Reading Medicine Labels, Statins, Use Medicine Safely

Languages include: Spanish and English, with some Somali, Russian, Vietnamese, Bosnian and Karen.