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Listing of patient education materials in Somali language.

Where Does Blood Go After It Is Drawn? - Somali/English
Somali/English explanation about what happens to a person's blood sample after it is drawn, including testing and disposal.
White Blood Cells - Somali/English
Somali/English brief explanation of what a white blood count means, in terms of measuring the body's response to infection.
Why does my doctor need to take my blood? - Somali/English
Somali/English explanation about why a doctor may need to draw patient's blood.
Withdrawal - Somali/English
PDF (2 pages) Selected pages from a booklet about child spacing and contraceptive methods with answers to these questions: Is this method safe for my body? Does this method work well? How do I get this method? Do I need to see a doctor or nurse first? Can I get pregnant after I stop using this method? Will this method protect me from sexually transmitted infections and diseases? Can this method be used during breastfeeding?
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