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Cultural Profile Outline for Contributors

The following outline is based on Murdock's Outline of Culture and should be used as a general template for writing cultural profiles for EthnoMed. Major and minor headings can be adjusted based on the depth of the information that is provided.

  • Country of origin:
    • Geography
    • History and Politics
    • Language
  • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Names, Naming
    • Status, Role, Prestige
    • Greetings
    • Displays of Respect
    • General Etiquette
  • Marriage, Family, Kinship
    • Marriage
    • Gender Roles
    • Family and Kinship Structure
    • Extended Families
  • Reproduction
    • Pregnancy
    • Child Birth
    • Post Partum Practices
    • Infancy, Childhood and Socialization
    • Ceremonials During Infancy and Childhood
    • Infant Feeding, Care (including weaning)
  • Child Rearing Practices
  • Adolescence, Adulthood, and Old Age
  • Nutrition and Food
  • Drinks, Drugs, and Indulgence
  • Religious Beliefs and Practices
  • Death
  • Traditional Medical Practices
  • Experience with Western Medicine
    • In the Country of Origin
    • In the United States
  • Community/Structure
    • Leadership
    • Councils
    • Intercommunity Related Offenses and Sanctions
    • Seattle Community Life
      • Community Organization
      • Community Resources
      • Neighborhoods
      • Common Acculturation Issues