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Digital Recording Instructions

Author(s): Christine Wilson Owens

Digital audio recording : as done by EthnoMed Team, Spring 2003

Documented by Christine Wilson Owens.

Equipment: Sony MiniDisc Walkman

Software: My Sound Studio (MSS-download Web, about $70), Music Match (MM)

General Process:

Capture sound in digital format on Sony MiniDiscs.

Save audio clips to pc using connection and MSS.

Edit, create multiple tracks, export audio files to other programs with MSS.

Convert sound files using MM to wav, MP3, or formats other than MSS dgs

Copy sound files to CDs or upload files to

To record using the Sony MiniDisc Walkman

Use batteries or plug in the device.  Connect a microphone to the side port, insert a minidisk, push the menu button, use the right and the left arrows to find "Sync-Rec" and press the triangle-shaped enter button so that you see "Sync-On" flashing.  Press the enter button again so it stops flashing.  When you are ready to record, slide the silver and red record button to the right (it slides back on its own).  Recording begins!

To move the sound file from the MiniDisc to the computer using MSS

Connect a cable from the headphone port on the Walkman to the line-in port on the back of the computer.  Open the MSS program.

In MSS, open the Control menu and select "Record Control".  Select "Line-In" by checking the box provided.  (We are recording from the minidisc Walkman device connected to the computer's line-in port.) Other options available are microphone"and CD" which reflect the sound source.

Open the View menu, select "Mixer Controller", and click inside the monitor box.  This allows you to view the sound waves as they are being recorded from your device into the computer program, as well as to adjust volume.  Also in the View menu, select "Controller" if this isn't already checked and open on your screen.  The Controller has buttons for recording, playing, pausing, stopping, etc.; it is similar to the buttons on a tape player. 

You are now ready to download the sound file from the device to the computer.  On the Controller, click on the record button.  The Controller will automatically go into Pause mode.  Set up your minidisc device by pushing the triangle-shaped enter button on the device to play the disc.  Click on the pause button on the Controller in MSS to un-pause mode.  Recording begins!  You can listen to the audio as it records from the device to the program using speakers or headphones connected to the computer.  You will be able to see the sound waves being recorded in the "Mixer Controller".  When you are finished recording, click stop in the "Controller" and stop on the Walkman device if it has not reached the end of its play already.  In the main MSS screen you can now view your new recorded track.

Editing Options in MMS

Add new tracks, edit tracks with functions like cutting, pasting, and deleting highlighted portions (use the mouse to highlight portions of a track as in other programs like Word).  Add background music by creating another track.  Adjust volume with the amplitude function.  Fade-in, fade-out on your audio clips. 

To save your sound file in a format other than MSS's dgs format, open the File menu, select export and save file as type: mp3 or wav, etc.  You must have another program loaded - like Music Match - to open and convert to these other file formats.