Harborview Medical Center serves a culturally and linguistically diverse population in the King County area. The role of the Interpreter Services Department is to ensure that these patients receive equitable access to the medical services offered there at any given time by providing language and communication support.

Photograph of Interpreter Services Department 2023 Staff Retreat

Interpreter Services Department 2023 Retreat

Our Mission

To contribute to the elimination of health care disparities experienced by limited English proficient and the hearing impaired populations who receive care at Harborview Medical Center by:

  • Providing effective interpretation services in response to a continuum of need.
  • Maintaining partnerships with patients, families, communities, providers and staff that promote culturally competent care.
  • Making information about culture, health, illness and community resources available to health care providers who see refugee and immigrant patients.


To contact Harborview Interpreter Services about needs for language or cultural support, please visit the UW Medicine website. The department offers:

  • Free medical interpretation (in person, by phone, and by video) by DSHS accredited interpreters in more than 80 languages and dialects. These include but are not limited to Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Amharic, Mandarin, Tigrigna, Cantonese, Oromo and Russian.
  • Communication assistance for patients who are deaf or hard of hearing with the use of American Sign Language, TTY machines and other aids.
  • Navigation assistance through the Community House Calls Program for 6 languages (Amharic, Cambodian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese).

Certification – Washington State

The Washington State Language Testing & Certification Program (LTC) provides bilingual certification and testing services to ensure quality services to the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations.

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