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Breastfeeding Clinical Topics

Information for providers about breastfeeding and related topics, especially as related to culture.

Breast Feeding Support for Somali Mothers - PDF
A powerpoint slide show saved as PDF (22 slides), produced by practitioners at Harborview Medical Center/University of Washington, 2007; about infant overfeeding in immigrant families, with focus on Somali families. Considers factors leading to overfeeding, guidance for prenatal and postpartum education, and information about Somali cultural experience.
Cultural Influences on Infant Feeding Practices
Link to Journal article from Pediatrics in Review (Authors: Pak-Gorstein, Haq, Graham), used with permission.
Failure to Thrive and Oral Aversion in Immigrant Infants and Toddlers
Summary report of a quality improvement project carried out to determine if there were common patterns found in the history and presentation of non-organic failure to thrive among Somali infants and if underlying cultural factors might be influencing this condition.
“My baby refuses to eat!”: Overfeeding of Somali Infants
Article describing a pattern of overfeeding Somali infants leading to conditions such as refusal to eat, oral aversion, failure to thrive; includes recommendations for clinically effective intervention and prevention.
Oromo Immigrants and Breast Feeding Information for American Health Care Providers
Information about Oromo practices and beliefs about breastfeeding.
Somali Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study: Infant and Young Child Feeding and Health Seeking Practices
PDF (102 pages) Report of a study conducted to enhance understanding of the contribution of poor child care practices to malnutrition (both acute and chronic) and subsequently to provide key recommendations for simple and effective responses.
Breastfeeding in Ramadhan
Information about how to maintain a good milk supply while fasting during Ramadhan.
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