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Clinical Pearls

A collection of brief clinical pearls related to cross cultural and refugee health topics.

Clinical Pearl: Naming in Cambodian Culture
How naming is done in Cambodian culture and the implications for medical records.
Clinical Pearl: Circular Burn Scarring on Asian and African Patients
A short clinical pearl about patterned circular scars on the skin of Asian and African patients.
Clinical Pearl: Skin Decorations in East African Patients
A short clinical pearl about the use of henna as skin decoration.
Clinical Pearl: End of Life Care
A short clinical pearl about the additional complexities of communicating about end-of-life care with non-English speaking. Recommedations for providers working with interpreters.
Clinical Pearl: Report on Somali Diet
A clinical pearl abstract about information collected from Somali nutrition education groups about the Somali diet.
Clinical Pearl: The Stigma of TB
A short clinical pearl about stigma associated with TB which has obvious consequences for health care providers.
Clinical Pearl: Compliance with INH Prophylaxis for Tuberculosis
A short clinical pearl about the importance of differentiating between medical practices in the United States and in developing countries in treatment of TB.
Clinical Pearl: Dysuria Symptoms in Somali girls and women
A short clinical pearl about dysuria in Somali females who have had ritual genital surgery.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
An alert about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, particularly during power outages, including link to information about disaster preparedness in 24 languages
Clinical Pearl: Pre-travel counseling for persons visiting friends and relatives (VFRs)
Useful tips and guidelines on pre-travel counseling for patients who are visiting friends and relatives internationally.
Clinical Pearl: Infant Sleep Position in Immigrant Ethnic Groups
A short clinical pearl about the positions in which infants from different ethnic groups are placed to sleep.
Clinical Pearl: Uvulectomy
A short clinical pearl on a tradition surgery, uvulectomy, performed in some African and middle eastern countries.
Abstract: Developmental Screening with Recent Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Preliminary Report
Dangers of Using Black Henna - Warning from Public Health - Seattle & King County
Public Health – Seattle & King County warns against use of henna products that contain additives to create temporary tattoos and which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Contains images of allergic reaction, and links to more information from Minnesota Dept of Health and the US FDA.
Clinical Pearl: Working with Interpreters
Guidelines about working with interpreters.
Clinical Pearl: Ramadan - Reminder to Health Care Practitioners
The impact fasting and religious practices during Ramadan might have on patients or pregnant or nursing women. Ramadan dates vary from year to year.
Clinical Pearl: Consider Lead and Other Heavy Metal Toxicities in the Evaluation of Nonspecific Symptoms
A short clinical pearl about the need to consider the prevalence of high lead levels among recently arrived Burmese.
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