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Dermatology Clinical Topics

Information related to skin conditions with particular emphasis on pigmented skin and cultural backgrounds

Clinical Articles

Information related to skin conditions with particular emphasis on pigmented skin and cultural backgrounds

The Influence of Culture and Pigment on Skin Conditions in Children
Images of common skin conditions in children with dark skin and from different cultural backgrounds. Although focused on children, many variations of skin conditions in individuals with dark skin, applies to both children and adults.

Dermatology of Pigmented Skin
Clinical information about treatment of pigmented skin.

Cultural practices affecting the skin of children
Journal article published in "Current Opinion in Pediatrics" (22:423-431).      
Note:  Only the abstract of this article is available at this time.

Skin-Lightening Practices and Mercury Exposure in the Somali Community
Article in the July 2013 edition of Minnesota Medicine, describes skin-lightening practices and the products used by Somali women, and testing of those products for mercury. Eleven of the 27 product samples (47%) were found to contain mercury. Some exceeded the current FDA threshold of 1 part per million. This has prompted both state and federal health officials to issue warnings about the use of these products. The article presents a table with specific product names and their corresponding mercury levels.

Minnesota Dept. of Health: Skin-Lightening Products Found to Contain Mercury
This page includes pictures of specific products and levels of mercury detected, and links to FDA warning on skin-lightening products containing mercury (includes translated materials in Hmong, Somali and Spanish), and fact sheets for the general public and for health care providers.

Washington State Dept of HealthMercury Reproductive and Developmental Impacts
Information on broader mercury exposures

Clinical Pearls

Brief clinically relevant articles on culture and health issues.

Clinical Pearl: Circular Burn Scarring on Asian and African Patients
A short clinical pearl about patterned circular scars on the skin of Asian and African patients

Clinical Pearl: Skin Decorations in East African Patients
A short clinical pearl about the use of henna as skin decoration

Dangers of Using Black Henna - Warning from Public Health - Seattle & King County
Public Health – Seattle & King County warns against use of henna products that contain additives to create temporary tattoos and which can cause allergic reactions in some people.