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Nutrition Clinical Topics

Articles and information related to nutrition and diet.

Food and fasting in Somali Culture
Information about typical Somali foods and fasting traditions, influenced by Sunni Muslim practice.

Nutrition and Fasting in Cambodian Culture
Information about traditional nutrition and commonly consumed foods in the Cambodian community in Seattle.

The Traditional Foods of the Central Ethiopian Highlands (research report no. 7)
Information about traditional Ethiopian food and food preparation based on studies carried out as part of an applied nutrition program within the framework of the Children's Nutrition Unit (now transformed into the Ethiopian Nutrition Institute (1). The studies were carried out in widely different parts of Ethiopia, and included the major ethnic groups and also took account of seasonal variations.

More About Ethiopian Food: Teff
Information about Teff, a staple in the Ethiopian and Eritrean diet, and some of the nutritional benefits, and health implications.

Report on Somali Diet 
Information about common dietary beliefs and practices of Somali participants in WIC nutrition education.

Chinese Food Cultural Profile
A general article about common foods and the role of food in Chinese culture.

Nutrition and Fasting in Vietnamese Culture
Information about nutrition and commonly consumed foods in the Vietnamese community in Seattle.

Group Nutrition Education Poster
A 1 page poster PDF summarizing a WIC group nutrition project for Spanish and Somali families.

Clinical Pearl: Report on Somali Diet
A clinical pearl abstract about information collected from Somali nutrition education groups about the Somali diet.

Cambodian Shop Around Program
Description of a pilot project to promote healthy eating and dietary management of diabetes in Seattle's Cambodian community; includes curriculum, recipes, photos and information about the prevalence of diabetes and other health conditions affecting Cambodian Americans, along with considerations of some historical and environmental factors that may influence Cambodian American diet.

Muslim Religious Observances and Diabetes
Information about fasting practices, and recommendations for providers caring for diabetic patients during times of fasting.  Includes recommendations related to medication management.