The bedrock of EthnoMed’s work is in our collaborations. We work closely with faculty and students, State and local governments, health care providers, medical interpreters, and most importantly, community stakeholders to craft our content. Whether you’re a provider learning from your patients about traditional treatments, or an organization wanting to develop a health resource, we want to hear from you! 

If you are interested in working with EthnoMed, please reach out here.

For Students

UW students have the opportunity to engage in short-term projects that explore health and culture-related issues for publication on the EthnoMed website. Students collaborate with EthnoMed staff, community members, medical interpreters, Caseworker Cultural Mediators, and care providers, collecting information through literature reviews, interviews, and focus groups. Projects typically culminate in an article, health education resource, and/or multimedia content to be published on the EthnoMed website. These projects can be done out of personal interest, but can also fill student capstone, practicum, or service learning requirements.  

For more information and inquiries about student project opportunities, please message us here