Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters


Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters


Feb 11 2023


9:00 am - 3:00 pm

New Credential Launch Summit “Equitable and Inclusive for All”

This webinar is hosted by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) Commissioners. CCHI is introducing a new performance-tier credential in 2023: the CoreCHI-Performance™ (CoreCHI-P™) Certification, available to interpreters of all languages.

At the Launch Summit, CCHI Commissioners and Commissioners Emeriti will discuss all aspects of the most inclusive professional medical interpreter certification to date. No matter your place in the healthcare interpreting world, there’s something for you at the Summit.

You will learn:

  • insights about the impact of the inclusive performance-level certification on the interpreting profession
  • panels of managers and trainers discussing the benefits and challenges of the new CoreCHI-Performance™ certification
  • a performance-based session for interpreters
  • overview of the history of the ETOE™ exam and the future of the CoreCHI-P™ credential
  • and a chance to win a voucher to cover the costs of the CoreCHI-P™ certification

CE hours accredited: 4.25 CE hours (by CEAP, ID #10088)

February 11, 2023 – at 9 am – 3 pm PST
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Register early, attendance seats are limited.