Mar 24 2024


All Day

World Tuberculosis Day, March 24

Tuberculosis (TB), or TB disease, is one of the world’s leading infectious disease killers. TB hides in plain site and millions of Americans are living with inactive/latent TB.

Anyone can get TB, but you might have a higher risk for TB if you:

  • Were born in or frequently travel to countries where TB is common, including those in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
  • Recently spent time with someone who has active TB disease
  • Have a weaker immune system because of certain medications or health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and HIV
  • Work in places with high risk for TB transmission, such as hospitals, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, and nursing homes

© Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

EthnoMed is partnering with King County Public Health to reduce barriers to TB diagnosis and treatment in King County, WA.  Based on interviews with members of refugee and immigrant communities we aim to better assess attitudes understanding towards tuberculosis across communities.

The goal is to create resources for providers who are who are treating patients from these communities in order to:​

  • Highlight the importance of TB screening, particularly in high prevalence communities
  • Underscore common misconceptions regarding diagnosis and treatment in each community
  • Raise awareness of stigma and other cultural barriers to testing and treatment
  • Secondary goal to create targeted educational materials for each community

We are currently conducting interviews with several communities and are working on culturally tailored resources and materials for providers and patients.