Female nurse taking blood pressure of female patient in a hospital bed

Translated Nurse-to-Patient Communication Pages – Harborview

Female nurse taking blood pressure of female patient in a hospital bed
Photo by UW Medicine

Pages developed with nurses and interpreters to aid caregivers in communicating basic information to their patients. Use of the pages requires no prior knowledge of the patient’s language, but requires that a patient be able to read and point to a written response.

These pages are not meant to be a substitute for using a qualified interpreter. Rather, they are a basic communication aid for nurses providing comfort and care to patients. For more complex communication needs, always use an interpreter.

The Greek and Polish translations have not been reviewed. Thanks to Camelia Ades, RN, MSN, MPH for contributing the Romanian translation

Healthy meal with fish, rice and vegetables

Healthy Meal Planning – Reach Coalition

Reach Coalition is a public health effort funded by CDC to reduce diabetes health disparities experienced by communities of color.  They translated healthy meal planning information into several languages.

This project is now over, but the meal planning pages are available in the following languages: Chinese, Khmer (Cambodian), Korean, Filipino, Japanese, Samoan, Somali and Vietnamese.

Healthy meal with fish, rice and vegetables
Photo by Esimpraim (cc license).
laughing chinese grandma

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

A 1 page PDF with pictures and simple text about the signs and symptoms of heart attack in women. Translations were produced by Franciscan Health System and Hope Heart Institute and are based on an English version produced by the Office on Women's Health.

Available in Chamorro, Chinese, English, Khmer, Korean, Russian, Samoan, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukranian and Vietnamese. PDFs in sidebar.

Posted with permission from the Hope Heart Institute.

laughing chinese grandma
Photo by Elizabeth Phung (cc license).

Stool Sample Collection Instructions

Instructions for a fecal occult blood test (FOBT) that is used at Harborview Medical Center.  It explains that there are many different kinds of medical tests requiring different kinds of preparation, encouraging patients to talk to their doctors about the test preparation that is right for them.

Available in English only, Amharic, Chinese, Khmer, Korean, Oromo, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Tigrinya and Vietnamese.

2 page PDF, with target language on 1 side and English on back side. PDFs are available in sidebar.

Photo by Rob (cc license)