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Cancer Patient Education

Patient education materials about various types of cancer in a number of languages and formats.


A message supported by a grant from the Lance Armstrong Foundation

Some people believe that having cancer means they will die, but that is not always true. Many people live long, healthy lives after they have cancer treatment. And scientists expect the number of cancer survivors to increase over the coming years. Improvements in screening tests (examinations that look for cancer early before symptoms), early detection (finding the cancer early when it is smaller and not causing any problems), and cancer treatment are things that allow more people to live following cancer each year. One very important part of surviving cancer is finding it early. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better chances are for living a long life following a cancer. So, talk with your doctor about screening tests, and ask about the warning signs of different types of cancer. Remember, it is possible to survive cancer!

You can view and print this “Cancer Survivorship” statement in the following languages, available in PDF format.

Amharic     Chinese Simplified     Chinese Traditional     English     Hmong    

Khmer     Somali       Spanish        Tigrinya        Vietnamese


Survivor Stories - Videos 

"Be Proud, Take Care of Your Health" (Russian)
Made with Russian speaking women for Russian speaking women, this video features the stories of two breast cancer survivors and provides information about breast cancer screening from expert medical doctors. Produced by Public Health - Seattle & King County's Breast, Cervical and Colon Health Program.

Colon Cancer and How to Prevent It Video - "Survivor Story"  (Vietnamese)
This video shares the story of a survivor of colon cancer. The video was developed to educate Vietnamese-American men and women about colorectal cancer prevention and early detection. The video is entirely in Vietnamese, and comes with an English companion guide. Produced by Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota Cancer Education Program in collaboration with community and health care partners.


Lance Armstrong Foundation Support

Members of the Vietnamese Senior Association watching a video about colon cancer.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation generously supports EthnoMed in developing, maintaining and disseminating cancer-related information targeting patients, providers and communities. With support from LAF, EthnoMed is able to convert and disseminate videos about cancer topics in web-friendly formats, to bring educational presentations about cancer to community audiences and health fairs, and to distribute copies of requested materials to non-local users.  Examples of materials developed and shared through the generous support of LAF:

Colorectal Cancer Patient Education - stool sample collection instructions in 11 languages.

Breast Cancer Patient Education - translated information about concepts, procedures and treatments related to breast cancer.

Cultural and Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Cancer Screening, Early Detection and Care in the Latino Population - a report about the complex cultural and socioeconomic factors affecting Latinos and cancer, emphasizing cultural issues related to women’s and men's cancers.

Honoring Tradition, Accepting New Ways - Hepatitis B video - Vietnamese - a flash web video created from an original DVD produced by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Harborview Medical Center.