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Blind/Low Literacy Audio Resources

Audio and related pamphlets from Utah Dept of Health

Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease (Audio)
28 minute audio recording about diabetes and chronic kidney disease.
Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease
A 28 page pdf produced by the National Kidney Foundation about diabetes & kidney disease.
Diabetes, Heart Disease & Stroke (Audio)
A 24 minute audio recording about diabetes, heart disease & stroke.
Diabetes, Heart Disease & Stroke
12 page PDF from the National Institute of Health about diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
Facts about Diabetic Retinopathy (Audio)
A 16 minute audio recording about eye problems that people with diabetes may face as a complication of diabetes.
Facts about Diabetic Retinopathy
9 page PDF with facts about diabetic retinopathy from the National Eye Institute/NIH.
More than 50 Ways to Prevent Diabetes (Audio)
An 8 minute audio recording (English) about ways to prevent diabetes.
More than 50 Ways to Prevent Diabetes
A 3 page PDF with brief information about portion and healthy food choices, from the National Diabetes Education Program/NIH.
What is Diabetes? (Audio)
Audio recording (English) about diabetes
What is Diabetes?
A 4 page PDF about diabetes, types, diagnosis and treatment, from the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation.
Where do I Begin? Living with Type 2 Diabetes (Audio)
A 14:40 minute audio recording about living with type 2 diabetes.
Where Do I Begin? Living with Type 2 Diabetes
18 page PDF about first steps in taking control of diabetes, from the American Diabetes Association.
Your Food Choices and Diabetes (Audio)
Audio recording (9 min, English) about diabetes and food choices.
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