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Hepatitis Patient Education Materials

Patient education materials on hepatitis, including some materials in other of languages.

Hepatitis Information/Pamphlets

Patient education materials about hepatitis, including translated resources.

It Makes Your Eye Yellow Then You Get Better? There is More to Hepatitis B
13-pages PDF. Education produced by International Community Health Services (ICHS) about hepatitis B, tailored for patients from Ethiopia and presented in a photo novela style pamphlet. Amharic | English

Hepatitis B and C Film Resource - Urdu language
Maslaha organisation is based in the UK and has created a short 12 minute film in Urdu to help increase awareness and understanding of hepatitis B and C amongst the Pakistani community in East London, and be suitable for both community members and medical practitioners.  This site has other resources in English and other health topics.

The ABC's of Hepatitis - English
1 page PDF. Table grid with information about Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E, what they are, how they are spread, symptoms, treatment of chronic disease, vaccine, who is at risk and prevention. English information produced by HEPATITIS FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL

Hepatitis B: What We Can Do - English/Vietnamese
A patient education pamphlet about the importance of being tested for Hepatitis B. English/Vietnamese, 7 pages 14 x 9.5 in.

Hepatitis B facts in multiple languages from Public Health - Seattle & King County
Information about symptoms, spreading, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and vaccine. Available in these languages: Burmese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese

Investing in Your Health:  Protect Yourself from Getting Hepatitis B
An 11-page color brochure about hepatitis B with information and culturally tailored to Chinese community.   Available in:
Traditional Chinese/English
Simplified Chinese/English

Hepatitis B: What Do Immigrants Need to Know? - English/Chinese
A 20 page pamphlet about Hepatitis B with basic information about symptoms, vaccination, testing.

Understanding Hepatitis B for Better Health
The following patient education materials provide information for Cambodians about hepatitis B, including how it is spread, the importance of testing and vaccination.


Hepatitis Health Education Videos

Educational videos about the importance of testing and prevention of Hepatitis.

"Be Healthy - Know Your Hepatitis B Status" video - Khmer

Flash videos (15 minutes 29 seconds) with information about Hepatitis B and the importance for Cambodians to better understand what it is, how it's spread, the blood test and vaccinations.  Available in Khmer language only, or Khmer with English subtitles.  Authored by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and sponsored by National Cancer Institute.

Khmer language only
(View larger screen)
Khmer with English subtitles
(View larger screen)


"Best Investment - Hepatitis B Testing" videos in Mandarin and Cantonese

Flash videos about the importance of Hepatitis B testing for the Chinese community. Available in Cantonese with English subtitles (18 minutes 16 seconds) and Mandarin with English subtitles (18 minutes 18 seconds). Authored by: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington and the British Columbia Cancer Agency. December 2005. Copyright: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

Cantonese/English subtitles
(view larger screen)
Mandarin/English subtitles
(view larger screen)

"Honoring Tradition, Accepting New Ways" - Hepatitis B Video in Vietnamese

18 minutes 46 seconds Flash video. Depicts 4 generations of a Vietnamese American family celebrating cultural traditions and the birth of a great-grandchild, while learning about the impact and prevention of Hepatitis B as an elder family member becomes ill.   Available in Vietnamese with English Subtitles or Vietnamese only. Authored by: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Harborview Medical Center, January 2002. Copyright: 2002 University of Washington. Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. Web video made possible by the National Library of Medicine and Lance Armstrong Foundation.  

Vietnamese/English subtitles
(view larger screen)
(view larger screen)