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Mental Health Patient Education

Patient education materials about topics related to mental health and illness.


Understanding Depression - Vietnamese/English

A short 2 page (Vietnamese/English) story of a Vietnamese woman dealing with depression and how she found help.  It highlights the fact that depression is common and affects many people and families and the importance of understanding common symptoms of depression.  

What is Mental Illness?

An overview of what mental illness is, possible causes and some of the most common forms of mental illness. 5-6 pages, PDF

Amharic          English            Oromo           Somali          Tigrinya

Related Websites

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

This 24-hour hotline (1-800-273-8255), and 150 associated crisis centers around the country, support languages spoken by refugees and other vulnerable populations.  The interpretation services are available in all States at no cost to the refugee.   Languages include Arabic, Burmese, Chin, Kinyarwanda, Kayah (also known as Karenni), Sgaw Karen (also known as Karen or Po Karen), Somali, Swahili, and many other languages.

Suicide and Depression Awareness for Students

This expert-driven guide is geared to understanding and preventing suicide among students. The guidebook was created to help students better understand suicide and depression, learn how to recognize warning signs in themselves or their peers, and know what they can do to intervene.

Key elements of the guide include:  Q&A with psychiatry expert, Dr. Schlozman; comprehensive overview of the connection between mental health, depression and suicide; warning signs of suicide and advice for students who are experiencing or know someone who is displaying these signs;  help and resources for students struggling with depression.

Suicide Prevention in College
A resource guide with information about suicide warning signs and college campus suicide prevention resources to help students suffering from depression.  The guide offers hope and help for those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, as well as suggestions for family and friends who want to help.  Geared to college students, there are sections specifically for LGBTQ and Minority Students.