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Listing of patient education materials in Spanish language.

Sick Days and Diabetes - Spanish/English
Spanish and English language patient education handout about steps to control blood sugar on days you are feeling sick. 2-page PDF
Sodium - Spanish/English
Spanish/English brief description of sodium, with mention of conditions that are some causes of low levels of sodium in the blood.
Stool Sample Collection - Spanish/English
Instructions for collecting a stool sample. Includes a note explaining that there are many different kinds of medical tests requiring different kinds of preparation, encouraging patients to talk to their doctors about the test preparation that is right for them.
Surgeries for Breast Cancer - Spanish
1 page PDF handout describing lumpectomy, mastectomy and breast reconstruction procedures.
Surgeries for Breast Cancer - Spanish video slideshow
3 minutes 52 seconds Flash video slideshow describing lumpectomy, mastectomy and breast reconstruction procedures.
Survivor Statement - Spanish/English
1 page PDF, Spanish/English, brief message supported by a grant from the Lance Armstrong Foundation stating that it is possible to survive cancer, especially if caught early.
Swine Flu clinic video - Spanish
Harborview Medical Center has created videos narrated by medical interpreters, explaining what swine flu is, how to prevent spreading the virus, and what to do if you or a family member becomes ill and needs to see the doctor. These videos are approximately 5-7 minutes in length, and could be used in a clinic waiting room or public setting. To download the video file, click on the View Documentation link, or play the video below.
TB Facts - Spanish
A CDC brochure about TB - Spanish only.
This is What a Heart Attack Feels Like to a Woman - Spanish
A 1 page poster with pictures and simple text about the signs and symptoms of heart attack in women. Spanish version.
Tuberculosis Skin Test - Spanish/English
1 page information sheet about the TB Skin Test
Upper Gastrointestinal (U.G.I.) Instructions - Spanish/English
Information for patients scheduled for UGI procedure
USCRI - Healthy Living Toolkits
The USCRI Healthy Living Toolkit is designed to educate refugees and immigrants to become proactive health consumers and promoters in their communities.
Video de NWIRP acerca del anuncio del Presidente Obama
Este video, producido por el Proyecto para los Derechos del Inmigrante del Noroeste (NWIRP), provee informacion acerca del anuncio del Presidente Obama del 15 de junio acerca de accion diferida para ciertas personas indocumentadas que podrian calificar para la propuesta legislativa conocida como el "Dream Act." Este video provee informacion basica y le pedimos a la comunidad que consulte con un abogado o una organizacion de servicios legales antes de proceeder con cualquier tipo de aplicacion de inmigracion. Tambien le recordamos que todavia no existe un proceso para aplicar para este programa en el caso de personas que no esten en proceso de deportacion. Para obtener mas informacion, por favor visite:
What is Blood? - Spanish/English
Spanish/English description about what blood is and does, including red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets.
What is Cancer? - Spanish
Basic explanation about cancer, its causes and warning signs.
Where does blood go after it is drawn? - Spanish/English
Spanish/English explanation about what happens to a person's blood sample after it is drawn, including testing and disposal.
White Blood Cells - Spanish/English
Spanish/English brief explanation of what a white blood count means, in terms of measuring the body's response to infection.
Why does my doctor need to take my blood? - Spanish/English
Spanish/English explanation about why a doctor may need to draw patient's blood.
Women Take Heart Curriculum with Class Materials - Spanish
103-pages PDF including handouts and worksheets for use in a train the trainer curriculum, 10-session class series about heart health and other topics in Spanish. Part of The Hope Heart Institute’s Women Take Heart Program.
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