Date Authored: August 17, 2009

Some people believe that having cancer means they will die, but that is not always true. Many people live long, healthy lives after they have cancer treatment. And scientists expect the number of cancer survivors to increase over the coming years. Improvements in screening tests (examinations that look for cancer early before symptoms), early detection (finding the cancer early when it is smaller and not causing any problems), and cancer treatment are things that allow more people to live following cancer each year. One very important part of surviving cancer is finding it early. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better chances are for living a long life following a cancer. So, talk with your doctor about screening tests, and ask about the warning signs of different types of cancer. Remember, it is possible to survive cancer!

You can view and print this “Cancer Survivorship” statement in Amharic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional, English, Hmong, Khmer, Somali, Spanish, Tigrinya, Vietnamese. PDFs are available in the sidebar.

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Survivor Story

This video shares the story of a survivor of colon cancer. The video was developed to educate Vietnamese-American men and women about colorectal cancer prevention and early detection. The video is entirely in Vietnamese, and comes with an English companion guide. Produced by Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota Cancer Education Program in collaboration with community and health care partners.