Author(s): Evaluation Team: Charles M. Nolan, MD - Co-Leader; Gisela Schecter, MD, MPH - Co-Leader; Sundari R. Mase, MD, MPH; Technical Consultants Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: John Jereb, MD; Thomas R. Navin, MD; Drew L. Posey, MD, MPH; Thomas M. Shinnick, PhD; Wanda Walton, PhD, MEd

Date Authored: June 1, 2017

2 Hmong women
Hmong women. Photo by Teseum (cc license).

A 58-page PDF report on an evaluation of tuberculosis services developed following an outbreak of MDR TB among a group of 15,000 displaced Laotian Hmong living in Thailand, to determine their impact on the effectiveness of the overseas screening of similar populations granted refugee status by the U.S. Government. The assessment was conducted at an IOM screening program established for Burmese refugees living in the Mae La Displaced Persons Camp on the Thai-Burmese border, in order to to provide recommendations to the IOM for the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of refugees resettling to the U.S. from Thailand, and to provide recommendations to CDC’s DGMQ and DTBE for improving the effectiveness and practicality of the 2007 new tuberculosis Technical Instructions.

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