Author(s): Aliya Haq

Date Authored: August 17, 2009

Nutrition education in grocery store.
Photo by K State Research and Extension, (cc license)

A 1 page poster PDF summarizing a WIC group nutrition project for Spanish and Somali families. Available in sidebar.


Group meetings for WIC families who speak Somali, Spanish and English were started. Each group consisted of 10-15 caregivers of Preschool age children. Appointments were made at the WIC certification visits. Walk-ins were welcome to attend. Posters and fliers were also used to advertise the group meetings. A class plan was developed for each group meeting session. Topics were based on Health needs, WIC Program Indicator Report, and group interest. Culturally appropriate foods and demonstrations were a key component of the group meeting. The term “class” was specially avoided. An interpreter was always present. A higher number of caregivers showed up for their second appointments. 270 client visits were recorded for the group meetings held in the year 2000- 2001. Clinic costs declined and clinic caseload increased. WIC Program Indicator Reports showed an increased intake of vegetables by the participating WIC clients. Also, the initiation and duration of Breastfeeding increased. Participants also received nutrition education materials, recipes and books provided by the Harborview Literacy Program. The groups also became a resource for training nutrition and medical students on culturally competent nutrition education. (To date, >325 patients visits