Author(s): Elizabeth Aong

Contributor(s): Translation done by Swedish Hospital’s Interpreter Services Department, Seattle under the direction of Kathleen To, with contributions by Harborview Medical Center’s Interpreter Services Department.

Reviewer(s): Kim Lundgreen; Lorren Negrin, RD; Iwona Steplewska, RD; J. Carey Jackson, MD

Date Authored: August 22, 2014

This bilingual presentation is intended to be used by clinicians during discussion with patients about carbohydrates and blood glucose. It is culturally tailored to reflect foods commonly consumed by Vietnamese Americans and includes photos of foods, meal comparisons, and portion sizes.

PDF (108 slides) and YouTube video link available in sidebar.

Introduction 0:42
Carbohydrates 3:20
Carbohydrates – Starches 3:31
Carbohydrates – Fruits 7:45
Carbohydrates – Dairy 9:08
Carbohydrates: Sweets 9:29
Drinks 11:18
Extras 14:30
Protein 15:47
Non-Starchy Vegetables 17:55
Meals 19:13
Meals To-Go 22:27
Cooking Tips 23:19
Conclusion 24:17
Acknowledgements 24:39


Harborview Medical Center (HMC) physician, Dr. Carey Jackson, identified a need for a visual reference tool during conversations about diet with diabetic patients. Author Elizabeth Aong created this tool to fulfill practicum requirements for the University of Washington’s School of Public Health, Nutritional Sciences. The project was coordinated by’s student-author program, Contribution Pathways.


Resources for this project were provided by Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Dr. Carey Jackson served as clinical advisor. Meetings were held with dietitians and primary care providers who work with Vietnamese patients. Time was spent with HMC’s Vietnamese caseworker / cultural mediator Kim Lundgreen to learn about Vietnamese food and visit Vietnamese delis and grocery stores in the Seattle area. A literature review on nutrition, diabetes, and cross cultural care was conducted prior to the initiation of this project.