Author(s): Refugee Health Program, Washington State Department of Health

Date Authored: June 6, 2024

This content is posted with permission from the Washington State Department of Health, Refugee Health Program. Please contact them directly if you want to be added to their email list, or submit events/news to the bulletin.

Events and Trainings

  • WA DOH & Region 10 Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit, No Level is Safe: A Review of Lead Poisoning & Prevention in Washington State with Considerations for Newcomer Refugee Arrivals – This webinar is designed for clinicians, resettlement agency case workers, health outreach workers, and local health jurisdiction staff who provide care and services to refugee and immigrant families as well as other stakeholders interested in lead poisoning prevention. When: June 25, 12-1pm PT. Join the Meeting HERE>>
  • National Institute of Mental Health: Discrimination as a Social Determinant of Mental Health Disparities Workshop – The workshop will bring together expert investigators, National Institutes of Health (NIH) staff, and members of the public to review the current state of research on discrimination and mental health disparities, identify gaps and opportunities in mental health disparities research and discuss strategies for developing interventions to reduce the impact of discrimination on mental health outcomes. When: June 6 at 10:00am ET. Register Now!
  • Switchboard Webinars:
    • Supporting Resettlement Workers with Lived Experience: Individual, Organizational, and Policy-Level Strategies – This webinar will discuss supportive solutions that individual service providers and agency leaders can implement to alleviate challenges in stressors and barriers on a path to a fulfilling career, including under-employment and the potential for re-traumatization. When: June 6 at 3:00-4:15pm EST. Register Now!
    • Digital Inclusion: Supporting Afghan Newcomers’ Mental Health Through Technological Tools and Resources – This six-session series is designed to help service providers address Afghan newcomers’ mental health concerns by ensuring they have access to technological resources. The series will focus on three scenarios, based on real experiences, with clients who engage with technological tools to support their mental health. First Session will be hosted on June 10 at 12:30-12:45pm ET. Register Now! 
  • WA DOH Archived Webinar: School and Child Care Immunization Requirements for Healthcare Providers Webinar – This webinar covers school and child care immunization requirements for the upcoming school year and is targeted towards healthcare providers. Access the archived webinar HERE>>

Community Information and Resources

  • DSHS: New ORIA Resource Tool – On May 5, 2024, ORIA launched a new online resource tool to help newcomers, sponsors and community members find services for refugees and immigrants in their area. The resource tool includes an interactive map as well as lists of ORIA service providers sorted by county and program type. Learn more>>
  • New “Translations” Web page for VIS’s – For many years, Immunize​.org has offered translations of VISs and other popular handouts for vaccine recipients. Now, introducing a new Translations web page that provides quick access to every translated resource on the Immunize​.org website. Translations of one or more documents are available in 48 languages. Learn more>>
  • WA DOH News and Resources:
    • Department of Health launches 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Campaign website – The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) launched a new 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline website that is specifically designed for people living in Washington state. 988 is the nationwide, three-digit dialing code that connects anyone experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis with a trained counselor. DOH’s new website is part of the state’s larger 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Awareness Campaign and is designed to build upon and complement the existing national 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline website. 
    • Washington State Department of Health calls on swimmers to dive into safety as the forecast heats up – With warmer days underway, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) wants to remind everyone that water safety is critical, especially this time of year, which is when most drownings occur in Washington. Learn more about water safety on the CDC website>>
  • Public Health Foundation: How Early Care and Education Providers Can Help Keep Children Up-to-Date on Vaccinations Toolkit – This toolkit from the Public Health Foundation details five evidence-based strategies early care and education providers can implement to strengthen pediatric vaccination coverage. Resources can be downloaded, adapted, and shared with your program or community. Learn more>> 
  • Vermont Language Justice Project: Educational Videos – The Vermont Language Justice Project creates short educational videos in 18 languages to foster health equity and access to critical health, safety, and social service information for people who speak languages other than English. Literacy levels are varied among people who come to the US as refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. Access their videos via YouTube channel>>
  • NRC-RIM: Summer Safety Collection Addresses Heat Waves and Precautions Around Bodies of Water – In addition to wildfire smoke, the warmer months also bring the risk of heat waves and drowning. NRC-RIM’s Summer Safety Collection offers translated and customizable resources on summer safety, including fact sheets, social media assets, and text message templates.
  • Health Care Authority (HCA) Stakeholder Trainings and Education webpage – Check out the Health Care Authority (HCA) stakeholder training and education webpage that includes a variety of resources such as educational webinars, videos and presentations sharing information about Washington Apple Health (Medicaid), Apple Health Expansion, COFA Islander Health Care, and Washington Healthplanfinder. 

Funding and Job Opportunities

  • Curry International Tuberculosis Center: TB Mini-Fellowship Program – The Curry International Tuberculosis Center offers mini-fellowship trainings to TB professionals (MDs, nurses, program managers, and other health professionals) from the western region of the United States. The Center tries to meet individual needs of those who attend by assessing areas of practice and communities served, and matching your identified objectives with appropriate activities. Apply Now!
  • ORR Grant Opportunity for Refugee Children and Youth Resilience Program! 
    • The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), announces funding for a new Refugee Children and Youth Resilience Program. Through this award, ORR intends to establish a program that will strengthen support for ORR-eligible children, youth, and the adults caring for them by building staff capacity with child welfare knowledge at refugee-serving agencies. Learn more>>
  • DSHS ORIA has multiple Funding Opportunities!
    • Washington Migrant and Asylum-Seeker Support Project – The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services’ (DSHS) Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance (ORIA) is seeking qualified organizations to participate in the Washington Migrant and Asylum-Seeker Support Project, also referred as the WA MASS Project.  The purpose of this pilot project is to build a statewide network of organizations that are coordinated to respond to the specific and immediate needs of recently arrived migrants and asylum-seekers. Applications due EOD June 13.
    • Refugee School Impact Program – The central goals of the Refugee School Impact (RSI) program are to strengthen academic performance and facilitate social adjustment of school-age refugees. Funding must be directed to localities with fewer resources and/or a high concentration of newly arrived ORR-served youth in the local schools. Applications due EOD June 14.