Author(s): Pathways to Wellness

Date Last Reviewed: December 19, 2020

Photo of a health care provider going over a form with a patient
Photo by UW Medicine.

The RHS-15 is a tool for screening refugees for emotional distress and mental health. Packet includes the RHS-15 tool, background on the tool’s development, and guidelines on using the RHS-15 with recently resettled refugees. RHS-15 has also been translated into Somali, Russian, Arabic, Burmese, Karen and Nepali.

Early screening and intervention for emotional distress among newly arrived refugees is rarely conducted. Existing instruments are not designed for refugees or may be cumbersome to administer in health care settings. The RHS-15 was developed in a community public health setting to be an efficient and effective way to sensitively detect the range of emotional distress common across refugee groups.

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Please see the screening tool in the sidebar. It is originally hosted on the Refugee Health Technical Assistance Center (RHTAC) website.