Afghan Culture and Health Screening Considerations – MN Center of Excellence in Newcomer Health

October 7, 2021 webinar: Understand the potential entry pathways and immigration standings of Afghan arrivals, including their impact on medical care/access; consider required or recommended components of medical screening/care for Afghan arrivals; consider potential health concerns for Afghan arrivals at the population level; and, identify cultural considerations for a patient-provider interaction with Afghan arrival.

Best Practices for COVID-19 Prevention and Mitigation Among Afghan Communities – NRC-RIM

October 20, 2021 webinar: Afghan refugees and immigrants deserve equitable healthcare access and education, and that includes COVID-19 prevention and mitigation. Join this webinar to hear how the Afghan Health Initiative, Washington State Department of Health, and clinicians serving refugee and immigrant communities have worked with community leaders to overcome challenges, build on community strengths, and improve COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Washington’s Afghan community. Participants will be able to learn from these successes as they plan to welcome Afghan new arrivals into their local communities.

Who are the Afghan Newcomers? Understanding the Background and Socio-cultural Strengths and Needs of Afghan Evacuees to the United States – Switchboard

This October 26, 2021 webinar from Switchboard provided an overview of events leading to the displacement of Afghan newcomers to the U.S. (also known as evacuees from Afghanistan). It also covered the social and cultural aspects that distinguish this population from other refugee groups in the United States. This foundational information was designed to help participants be better positioned to properly support newly arrived Afghans through services that align with their socio-cultural strengths and needs. Attendees also had the opportunity to ask questions of a panel composed of qualified experts on the topic.

Health Care of Afghan Refugees: Part 1 – Yale School of Medicine

October 8, 2021 webinar describing the current state of resettlement of Afghan refugees in Connecticut, including access to health care, discussion of cultural considerations for interactions with Afghan refugees, general health concerns among new arrivals as well as recommended screening components for adults and children.

Refugee Health Care in the United States –
PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

In this April 3, 2018 webinar, PolicyLab researcher Katherine Yun, MD, MHS, and Minnesota Department of Health’s Refugee Health Coordinator Blain Mamo, MPH, discuss how health systems and community organizations can ensure refugee children and families do not face disparities in health care due to the social, economic and geographic factors outside of their control. Specifically, the webinar examines common models of refugee health care and how we can use tools to standardize care for all refugees.