Author(s): Ahmed Ali, PharmD

Date Authored: May 1, 2016

Date Updated: June 1, 2017

A 25 minute video presentation by Dr. Ahmed Ali on Ramadan and the 25 minute video presentation about Ramadan and the health implications that providers should be aware of when working with Muslim patients fasting during Ramadan. Presented by Dr. Ahmed Ali initially in May of 2016 (and was later edited for 2017 presentations).

Introduction 0:00
Why Fast? 00:34
Who Fasts 1:56
Typical Fasting Day 3:15
Fasting Day Experiences 4:09
End of the Day 5:26
Potential Health Concerns 6:43
Medication Management 7:58
Pre-Ramadan Medical Assessments 9:58
Reaching Out 11:16
End of Ramadan 12:20
Q&A 13:16
Question: Diabetic 13:21
Question: Making Up Ramadan 18:59