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Biopsy - Amharic
2 page PDF Information about biopsy procedures.
Cancer Chemotherapy - Amharic video slideshow
2 minute 52 seconds Flash narrated video slideshow. Information about chemotherapy treatment and side effects.
Prostate Cancer - Amharic video slideshow
2 minutes 37 seconds Flash video slideshow introduction to prostate cancer and its symptoms.
Heart Failure - Amharic/English
Basic information about heart failure: what it means, what causes it, how does it feel, how can I help myself and when should I call my doctor.
Stroke Symptoms FAST Cards - Amharic/English
PDF (2 pages) Images and text conveying symptoms of stroke with encouragement to call 911, formatted for printing small 2-sided cards (Amharic and English)
Medication Safety Video - Amharic
4 minutes 35 seconds video in Amharic language about safe use of medications. Taken from a longer video created for Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, this ...
What is Asthma? Amharic
Amharic language patient education about Asthma, including information about irritants, symptoms and treatment. PDF 4 pages.
Nurse-to-Patient Communication - Amharic
PDF document, 3 pages, including Amharic language and English. Developed with nurses and interpreters to aid caregivers in communicating basic information to ...
What is a Mammogram? - Amharic/English
7 pages, PDF brochure, in English and Amharic languages, about mammograms - what they are, what test results mean, information about biopsies and treatment ...
General Overview: Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment - Amharic
2 page introductory explanation of screening and diagnostic tests for breast cancer, as well as basic information about common treatments. Amharic language.
Breast Biopsy - Amharic
2-page PDF; Description of breast biopsy; Amharic.
Breast Cancer Glossary and Technical Terms - Amharic
Technical terms and definitions related to breast cancer. 4-pages PDF, Amharic.
Chemotherapy Side Effects - Amharic
Description of potential side effects caused by chemotherapy treatment, including hair loss, fatigue, nausea, and changes in taste/smell. Includes eating tips ...
Breast Cancer: Hormones - Amharic
Definition of hormones, hormone receptors and therapy in relation to breast cancer.
Lymph Nodes and Breast Cancer - Amharic
Explanation of what lymph nodes are, including what is meant by "node-positive" and "node-negative", lymph node biopsy and sentinel lymph node surgery. 2-pages ...
Margins - Amharic
Explanation of margins or resection, including definition of positive, negative and close margins.
Breast Cancer Surgery - Amharic
Description of mastectomy, lumpectomy and potential side effects following these surgeries.
Survivor Statement - Amharic/English
1 page PDF, Amharic and English languages, brief message supported by a grant from the Lance Armstrong Foundation stating that it is possible to survive ...
What is Cancer? - Amharic
Basic explanation of cancer, its causes and warning signs. 4-pages PDF.
Portions to Eat to Control Your Diabetes - Amharic/English
Tips about estimating healthy food portions. (2 pages, PDF Document, Amharic/English)
Exercise and Diabetes - Amharic/English
Amharic and English language patient education handout about exercises for diabetics. 2-page PDF
Sick Days and Diabetes - Amharic/English
Amharic and English language patient education handout about steps to control blood sugar on days you are feeling sick. 2-page PDF
Diabetes Foot Care - Amharic/English
Tips for people with diabetes about how to care for their feet. 1 page PDF Amharic and English
Diabetes Daily Foot Check - Amharic/English
Tips for people with diabetes about checking their feet on a daily basis. 1page PDF Amharic and English
What is Mental Illness? - Amharic
An overview of what mental illness is, possible causes and some of the most common forms of mental illness. 5 page, PDF
Seattle Channel presents videos about what every citizen should know and how to equip and safeguard your home for an Emergency. The "Personal and Family ...
Abdominal Ultrasound Information - Amharic
A 1 page instruction sheet about preparing for abdominal ultrasound.
CT Scan Instructions - Amharic
Instruction sheet in Amharic on preparing for CT scan
Excretory Urogram (I.V.P.) Instructions - Amharic
Information for patients scheduled for Excretory Urogram (I.V.P.)
Stool Sample Collection - Amharic/English
Instructions for collecting a stool sample. Includes a note explaining that there are many different kinds of medical tests requiring different kinds of ...