Health Video Series For Congolese Refugees

Photo by United Nations Development Programme’s Photostream (cc license)

A video series from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) for Congolese refugees narrated in Kiswahili. Links to all videos are in the Resource sidebar, or view the entire series on YouTube.

“Introduction to Healthcare in the U.S.” explains the role of healthcare providers, preventive care, and health insurance.

“Your Body Before, During and After Pregnancy” is a two-part video that describes the female reproductive system, prenatal care, pregnancy, birth, and birth control methods.

“Men Speak: Helping Women Heal” is a dramatic skit with two Congolese men talking about the gender-based violence inflicted on their wives before resettlement and moving towards a path of healing.

“Women Speak: Finding Wellness After War” is a two-part dramatic skit with Congolese women in a support group talking about the gender-based violence they have experienced and finding strength in each other.