Author(s): Ann Marchand

Date Authored: December 15, 2009

Date Updated: November 20, 2019

Seattle/King County Resources

“Peace in the Home” Helpline: 1-888-847-7205

This toll-free helpline connects limited-English speaking domestic violence victims to a community-based agency in the Seattle-King County area that can serve their language and service needs.   Callers can get help in 14 languages: Amharic, Chinese, Japanese, Khmer, Lao, Russian, Romanian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Tigrigna, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. For more information contact: or visit the Multilingual Access Project below.

Multilingual Access Project

The Multilingual Access Project (MAP) seeks to reduce the number of, and tolerance to, domestic violence incidents in multi-ethnic and immigrant communities, and to increase the responsiveness of mainstream communities to battered women and families. MAP accomplishes this effort through cultural and linguistically appropriate outreach, education collaboration and advocacy. This project was initiated by the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Division of the City of Seattle’s Human Services Department. This website has links to flyers in each language, and contact information.

Refugee Women's Alliance

The Refugee Women’s Alliance is a nonprofit, multi-ethnic organization that promotes inclusion, independence, personal leadership and strong communities by providing refugee and immigrant women and families with culturally appropriate services.  ReWA’s bilingual/bicultural domestic violence advocates work with refugee and immigrant women to help them apply for protection orders, develop safety plans, access safe shelters, understand and navigate the legal system, and advocate for basic needs and services.

Related Websites on Domestic Violence

Multilingual Resources

The following websites provide resources and information in other languages aimed at prevention of domestic violence, or for working with victims.

Peaceful Families Project
A national organization with international reach devoted to preventing domestic violence, with a particular focus on Muslim families of diverse cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Women Against Abuse
Domestic violence overview and legal center brochures in Spanish, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Mandarin

Violence Against Women & Their Children- Translated Resources

Translated in twenty languages, the Australian government has created resources to help break the cycle of violence.

Education and Advocacy

Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community
This organization focuses on the unique circumstances of African Americans as they face issues related to domestic violence, including intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder maltreatment, and community

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