Author(s): Megan Jane Melvin, DNP, ARNP

Contributor(s): Jennifer Huong, Harborview Cambodian Caseworker/Cultural Mediator & Nancy Colobong Smith, MN, ARNP, CNN, Renal & Transplant Clinical Nurse Specialist

Date Authored: December 3, 2018

Date Updated: March 10, 2023


Increasingly, dialysis, a treatment for severe kidney disease, is of concern among Cambodian patients with diabetes. This tool was developed to help educate Cambodian patients and community members about dialysis, also known as renal replacement therapy. It is tailored to reflect common concerns and questions some Cambodians may have when learning about and considering dialysis.

There are two videos (see below and in sidebar), one in Khmer and one in English.

Methods/ Acknowledgements

The project was initiated by Cambodian Caseworker/Cultural Mediator Jeniffer Huong and Renal & Transplant Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nancy Colobong Smith, MN, ARNP, CNN. They aimed to create a product that is both culturally sensitive and clinically applicable. The project was facilitated by EthnoMed Program Coordinator, Rekha Ravindran, MPH. Advanced practice nursing student Megan Jane Melvin, DNP, ARNP, was recruited to lead the development of this tool, in collaboration with the project team. A literature review was conducted about barriers and knowledge gaps about dialysis among Cambodian patients with diabetes, and interviews and focus groups were conducted with a Cambodian patient, Cambodian community advocates and medical providers who work in refugee health. Information was synthesized to determine key educational messages for the script and images. EthnoMed Program Supervisor Christine Wilson Owens and Community House Calls Program Nurse Manager Lea Ann Miyagawa, MN, RN participated in project meetings. Special thanks to Tessavan Ros who played the role of the patient in the photos and narration. Original photos were taken by UW Medicine Photographer Clare McLean. Northwest Kidney Centers gave permission to use several photos by C. B. Bell, III, Scott Areman and Ben Jenkins. Illustrations are credited to University of Washington and UWMC Health Online. EthnoMed Program Coordinator Anna Cowan, MPH, produced the final media product. Special thanks to all others who supported and contributed to this work: Dr. Bernadette Thompson, Dr. Carey Jackson, Physician Assistant Phalla Kith, Taing Bun Nam, James Heng, Keo Soth, Sorphon Sim, Channdara Sos, Sothea Thong, Jenny Ap, Phon Som, Sophearom Lim, Sokha San, Thy Savu, Sambath Soung and Kimnay Siev. UWMC generously shared their clinic for photography.


This project was funded in part through an American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) and Gloria Scharf Beedie Memorial Grant.