Author(s): Wellshare International

Contributor(s): Funding from the Minnesota Department of Health Family Planning Special Projects

Date Authored: March 2, 2007

Somali woman smiling
Photo by United Nations Photo (cc license).

This booklet in Somali and English uses simple illustrations and basic definitions to describe male and female reproductive anatomy (PDF in sidebar). This booklet originated with requests from the Somali community and the health care providers who serve them for Somali-language education materials on human reproductive anatomy.

The objective in creating this booklet is to support culturally competent medical care for the Somali community and to empower the Somali community in the process. This book is intended for use by health care providers and health educators with their Somali patients or clients.  This booklet was created by clinical and public health staff and reviewed by both Somali and non- Somali physicians, as well as a Somali religious leader. According to Islam, discussing human reproductive anatomy is allowed as long as it is for educational purposes (Quran Chapter, 2 verse 223).

This booklet was produced by WellShare International with funding from the Minnesota Department of Health Family Planning Special Project.