Author(s): Public Health; Seattle & King Country

Contributor(s): Shoshana Alenikoff, Mariel Boyarsky, Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn, Beth Farmer, Shayla Holcomb, Annette Holland, Jasmine Matheson, Nathaniel Miles, Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, Monica Pecha, Liza Perpuse, Masa Narita, Genji Terasaki, Joseph Sherman, Mohamed Elameen

Date Authored: October 1, 2015

8-page PDF (see sidebar). Newly arrived refugees receive a domestic health screening examination within 90 days of arrival. This examination is provided by Public Health Seattle & King County (PHSKC) Refugee Screening Clinic. Following each visit, the clinic faxes a visit summary to the patient’s primary care provider (PCP). The PCP may see a client before or after the domestic health screening. For patients who moved to King County from another state, medical records may be requested from the screening clinic where the examination occurred. These guidelines reflect current screening practice in King County, WA as of 10/1/2015. Please note that refugees screened prior to this date or outside of King County may have received a different screening.

A family of Somali refugees looking at a form
Photo by UNICEF Ethiopia (cc license).