Date Authored: July 22, 2020

Local Resources

Horn of Africa Services

Rainier: (206) 760-0550 | Yesler Terrace: (206) 344-5872
Highpoint: (206) 935-3705 | Rainier Vista (206) 723-7424
4714 Rainier Avenue South, Suite 105
Seattle, WA  98118
Fax: (206) 760-0098
Horn of Africa Services

Horn of Africa Services (HOAS) is a multi-lingual, multicultural nonprofit organization offering individual and family counseling and referral services. We respond to the health, employment, housing and educational needs within communities from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and neighboring countries who are living in the Greater Seattle area. HOAS provides services by bilingual staff speaking in Amharic, Oromo, Tigrigna, and Somali.

Horn of Africa Services conducts ‘Job Readiness’ workshops, monthly legal clinics, and an annual gift giving program for needy families. In addition, Horn of Africa Services has successfully produced seven citizenship videos in four major East African languages to disseminate information and help prospective individuals prepare for U.S. naturalization testing.

Founded in 1992 by a group of volunteers, HOAS provides assistance to East African immigrants and refugees, regardless of their religious, ethnic or political affiliations. Horn of Africa Services has been active in working to build a bridge between various East African groups by helping to create the Federation of East African Community Organizations in Seattle (FEACOS). FEOCAS, established in 1996 is a coalition of six East African organizations who collaborate to identify common concerns and to implement solutions.

Programs and Services

  • Information & Referral
  • Advocacy & Counseling
  • Citizenship Classes
  • ESL
  • Outreach
  • Legal Immigration Clinic
  • Job Training & Placement
  • Youth Services
  • East African Self-reliance Project
  • Technology Training
Photo by Oromia Movies (cc license).

Center for East African Community Affairs (CEACA) 

16351 53rd Place South
Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 551 2552

Seattle World School

1700 E. Union St.
Seattle, WA 98111
(206) 252-2200
Seattle World School website

Seattle World School is Seattle Public Schools’ culturally and linguistically diverse school for newcomer secondary students (ages 11-20). It is one of only a few schools in the country designed as a preliminary entry point for immigrant children in their quest for academic achievement and full participation in American society.

Mission Statement: The SWS community is committed to mentoring students in navigating academic and career goals with holistic services. Our mission is to provide rigorous academics supported by social-emotional development opportunities and life skills. Our focus is to empower students as self and global advocates in our rapidly changing world.

Online Resources

Finfinne Tribune

The Finfinne Tribune website showcases Oromo movies, TV shows, music videos, documentaries and news.

Oromo Studies Association

The Oromo Studies Association is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary organization established to promote and foster scholarly studies in all fields pertaining to the Oromo people. To realize its objectives, the Oromo Studies Association guides, develops and promotes scholarship on the history, economy, culture, health, education, politics and laws of the Oromo, in addition to biological and bio-medical sciences, physical sciences, social welfare and other disciplines as they pertain to the Oromo.

Oromo Sports Federation in North America (OSFNA)

In the early 90’s, Oromo diaspora visionaries residing in the city of Toronto, Canada conceived the idea of an Oromo Sports Federation in North America. The notion became a reality in 1996 when the first annual OSFNA soccer tournament was kicked-off in the City of Toronto with six clubs participating: Rissa of Minnesota; Madaa Walabuu of Seattle; Oromia of Toronto; Odaa of Canada; Barisaa of Atlanta; and Bakalcha of Ottawa.

OSFNA’s second annual tournament in 1997 brightened the future. The numbers of soccer clubs and fans turnout increased. The fast growth within a year led to the formation and the election of the OSFNA Board. Since 1996-97 year OSFNA successfully capturing the attention of Oromos in diaspora year over year with cultural and sport events.