Author(s): Public Health Seattle & King County

Date Last Reviewed: April 29, 2009

SARS Fact Sheet about sudden/severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Published on EthnoMed with permission from Public Health Seattle & King County. Funding for Khmer translation provided by AANCART.

What is SARS?

SARS is a term used to describe a new, serious, contagious, respiratory illness that is often severe. SARS has been reported in Asia, North America, and Europe. The term is applied when someone has developed SARS symptoms and has either traveled to an area of the world where it has been confirmed that SARS is spreading in the community or has had contact with an ill traveler who had been to one of the affected areas. A virus is suspected to be the cause of SARS. SARS appears to spread from person to person during close contact with infected persons.

medical staff in nepal
Photo by Simone D. McCourtie / World Bank (cc license).